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As part of our mission to educate and support families and the community, Amazing Place offers free programs about dementia and brain health, which can be presented to your group, organization, congregation or company.

The Keys to Healthy Aging

Many factors affect how well we age – our genes, our environment and our lifestyle. Our lifestyle encompasses habits that can either increase or decrease our chances of aging successfully. The seven habits that are the most directly under our control are the focus of this presentation.

Worried About Your Memory? It may not be Dementia!

Many adults over 50 worry about becoming forgetful; it is natural to feel uneasy when you forget something. However, many memory lapses are simply the result of normal aging changes and not dementia. How can you tell the difference? Sally will review situations attributed to age-related changes and share lifestyle habits that can increase your chances of aging successfully.

Shining the Light on Early Stage Memory Loss

Signs of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease aren’t always clear and can be challenging to manage. In this presentation, Sally will share the early warning signs of dementia, offer tips on how to manage your loved one and advise you about when to see your health care professional about a diagnosis.

Communicating with Someone with Dementia

In this talk, Emile will share with you the tips and tricks he has learned over the years communicating with individuals who have mild to moderate dementia. Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques will be explained and practiced in this workshop.

Food for Thought – How the MPN™ Program Benefits Your Brain

Susan will present specific information about the brain-healthy nutrition program (Memory Preservation Nutrition®) being implemented at Amazing Place. This innovative evidence-based program has been shown to preserve cognitive health and help reduce the risk, delay the onset and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Importance of Reducing Sugar for the Brain

According to recent research, excess sugar can be toxic to the brain. Not only does it contribute to inflammation, but it also shrinks the hippocampus where short term memory is stored. In this talk, Susan will present the latest research and offer specific tips for reducing sugar intake in your diet.

Spirituality and Aging

Research shows people with an active involvement in congregations or spiritual communities live an average seven years longer than those who don’t. What exactly is spirituality and how does it relate to aging? In this presentation, Susan will share the importance of faith for older adults and ways to add meaning and purpose to living as we age.

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