Under the guidance of our Clinical Dietitian and full-time Culinary Director, Amazing Place prepares tempting, brain-healthy, three-course meals daily with only the freshest local ingredients being used.

Amazing Place is the first day program in the U.S. and only facility outside of Massachusetts to implement the innovative brain-healthy nutrition program, Memory Preservation Nutrition™ for its participants. The unique evidence-based program, developed by the Brain Health and Wellness Center® under the leadership of Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D., incorporates foods and nutrients shown to improve overall brain health, reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and slow the progression of the disease in those who have been diagnosed.

Many of our participants have dietary requirements dictated by their medical needs, religion or lifestyle practices (e.g., diabetic, low sodium, food allergies, kosher, vegetarian/vegan). We make every effort to accommodate those needs.

As a caregiver, there are many ways for you to care for your loved one at home, like cooking mind-healthy foods! Explore our education and training programs year-round, specifically designed for caregivers and the community at large.

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