Our team is well trained and inspired to serve those whose lives have been disrupted by dementia. In our Day Program we go above and beyond the basic staff requirements and employ an exceptional group of professionals in each of our four areas: Participant Programs, Health Services, Family Services and Culinary Services. Each member of our team works together to ensure we meet challenges with compassion and integrity.

We’re forward-thinking, customizing care plans for our individual participants and meeting routinely to review their status with families and caregivers. We hold Care Conferences with each participant and their families 30 to 45 days after enrollment, at yearly intervals, and when we observe a change in status that warrants consultation. Additionally, “Next Step” interdisciplinary consultation assists families with care planning when it becomes necessary for a loved one to transition out of our program. And we are able to continue serving those discharged from the program through our Care Consultation service.

Tracey Brown, Executive Director
Laurie Vice, CPA, Finance & Operations Director
Carol Cooper, Day Program Director
Emile Unverzagt, MA, AD/TXC Participant Program Director
Sally Davis, RN, MSN, Connections Director
Arlene Schollaert, MSW, LCSW, Family Services Director
Ramsey Howell, Development Director
Susie Howard, Volunteer Director
Michael Lieb, Culinary Director

Our leadership is comprised of members from our 15 different member congregations, assuring we never depart from our spiritual roots.

Board of Directors & Councils